24 Feb 2011

Speed Reading - First day "Why is it worth to increase Speed Reading?"

Since I have to write, why not on the Blog?
I finally had to start my Speed Reading course. Ok, I did earlier already, but it didn't work. Why, you ask? Hmm... let me say... After few weeks, I eventually resigned training it. The "program" of this daily Speed Reading was on some part composed by me, so maybe it was not really good to keep doing it. I didn't feel there was any big progress at all (there was slightly better, but nothing more). Obviously, I was doing exercises recommended in the Internet, due to this, Polish site. Since today, I'm gonna be completely serious and start my training with a course, which tells me everyday what I should do. And you know what? Even though I won't have much time, I simply have to find it for that. Why I want to learn such an ability... Well, I'm going to write just in a moment. Every of lessons is actually a .pdf file. After the first one I opened, I read its content and they tell me to write at least 20 benefits, which I will attain thanks to Speed Reading.
Let it begins.

First day "Why is it worth to increase Speed Reading?"

When you mention about reading, first thing I think about is that I definitely should read more than I do. So many books and articles wait for me and often I don't know which ones to pick up. There are so many informations and sources from where you can get them. If I'll be able to read them fast, then why not to check them "all" (sources) or at least, many of them? If it really works, I guess it is gonna be possible (it is of course not like I'm reading slowly, not at all.). I will have more free time for my hobbies and passions. So, generally, I could have more time for this what I really love.
I can get better notes in the school, but, rather I should just say, I can expand my knowledge (about...besides of this what is important, also of this what I simply want, right?). Maybe then, I could have a bigger chance to get on my dreamed studies (what after that... Just don't ask me now). Naturally, if that would be the case, I may be smarter and more intelligent (sounds incredible for me, eh?). Then who knows, maybe I could lead longer and more interesting conversations with others.
By showing my knowledge, other people might see me in a better light, appreciate me. I can't correct others and surprise them.
All of that leads also to money, you must agree. It is very important to have a knowledge in many, different and various fields of science.
Now, maybe it will create a better future to me. You may laugh, however... Why don't try it out?
I don't think I can read 2000 words per minute now. Maybe it won't help me to find happiness, but what if it does? There is only a one problem, though. I wonder... I wonder if I can stop training it after some time.
Well, we will see how it will be.
I don't think I made 20 benefits in my statement. But is it important? I was writing more generally, I don't think there is a need to keep on this "rule".

That's the first lesson for now. I don't think I will write reports about others, but surely I will mention about this "project" yet. I hope I can motivate myself enough to keep doing it.

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