13 Feb 2011

Chopin: The Women Behind the Music

Just a while ago I ended watching "Chopin: The Women Behind the Music", a documentary movie directed by 
Rupert Edwards, where the main person discovering an issue is the pianist, James Rhodes.

James Rhodes on the middle, on the right - Natalya Romaniv,
an opera singer, who helps him in connecting Chopin's music
with voice
As the title goes, its topic is about how Women inspired Chopin in composing his music. Shortly I say - he was just in love in Woman('s voice). He had a lot of relationships with Opera's singers (Women, obviously). And that really is true, hearing many of Chopin's compositions today, we must own much them.
I was surprised that his last request, before dying is to hear Woman's voice, not piano or nothing other. Of course I recommend to watch it, if you only feel you need to know more about Chopin.

When again I have an occasion to return to this genial music... I just feel that... I could listen to it my whole life and never get boring of it... Boring, nah... I will never even understand its greatness. Also, I finally realized how great composition is Polonaise-Fantasie in a flat major, op. 61. You really just... Have to use to this composition... Listen it multiply times and finally... Feel that...emotion... I can't describe.... I'm just not able to describe that in words.
Check out the interpretation of Ingolf Wunder, the unofficial winner of 16th F. Chopin piano Competition:

If you are familiar with this piece, you will gonna cry, if not - Well... I can't really say.

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