14 Feb 2011

The end of Nerdy life

As you maybe guessed, I don't have that much free time anymore. My Winter Holidays ended yesterday/today and now I won't be watching movies that often. Probably writing posts on the Blog would be harder too (and quality of their will be lower). But don't you worry, I'm not putting on my arms that much. My daily routine is that everyday I MUST watch an episode of Drama/anime(rather not...lately) or... just anything to watch.
Before Winter Holidays I started with 101st Marriage Proposal, another enjoyable Japanese Drama. It is thanks to a certain person whose recommendations I always believe. No different is this time. Although this Drama is trying to be both, funny and serious, I, generally, rather find it to be enormously funny. This night I watched 3rd episode of it I can admit that I didn't laugh that much (watching alone at least) since much time. I'm also very happy to see there Eguchi Yosuke. Currently, he probably is my favorite Japanese actor. I know it is really strange to say, but I think he really...really is good (strange as for Japanese actor and their playing). I loved him in "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" and this "love" keep growing. I hope there are more Dramas with him in a main role.
Eguchi Yosuke

About what is that "101st Marriage Proposal"? Hoshino-san (Takeda Tetsuya) is an old, not handsome, not rich, not intelligent and not talented guy, but sincerely and with a pure, gold heart. He wants to get married in order to change his boring and unhappy life. Hishano has gone through 99 omiai (arranged dates with the intention of marriage if the date goes well) and in his 100th try he meets Yabuki Kaoru (Asano Atsuko) and this time, even though she rejected him already, he won't give up that easily. That's very interesting, because she is a cellist playing in an orchestra. So imagine how happy I'm about that. Every time I see orchestras and musicians I get excited. She has a bit complicated life, unfortunately. Her husband passed away just before her wedding and it seems that she still can't forgot him, after 3 years (he was a pianist, mhmhmh...). Don't you think it is a Drama for old geezers or something, that certainly is not the truth. In the main story also appears young people.
Generally... It is a lot of fun. As for now.

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