10 Feb 2011


This time I have been watching "Paprika". Nothing changed about, like, the idea of watching animated, Japanese movies. You can ask me why I do that instead of watching live action films or tv series and my answer is...  
I started this Winter vacations with Ghibli masterpieces (rather Miyazaki's) and felt in love with them, so I guess, I just want to keep watching similar productions a bit longer (it is not like they are all "similar", but they are animated and Japanese, as mentioned). Maybe I just need short stories more than "long" series. Then there is a query as to why animated and not live action productions. Well, I guess... They present a more attractive and colorful world to me (even if their story is not joyful).

Anyway, what about "Paprika"? I'm very glad I had an occasion to watch this. Few months earlier, I have already listened to the OST (due to somebody's recommendation) and was only surprised, not pleased. That's a funny score, mixed with pop, classical, techno, electronic... Today I will be listening the soundtrack again, so maybe later I will describe my feelings more. Therefore, I'm falling in love in this music, seriously!

I recommend "Paprika" to you all. First what I need to say, it is an extravagant film. It is all about dream and reality. Sometimes it is a very hard to say if cocaines are in a dream or in the reality. What is a dream for you? A better world? Or a worse world? World of fantasy? Or world of a fake reality? Here you will see how creators of the story see that. There is a certain device called "DC Mini" allows people to see others dreams, exploring their subconscious thoughts. It occurs this thing is a centrum of a problems. I don't want to spoil more facts of the story and characters, since that is not the review. Maybe later. Anyway, I really love the story. It has been written by Yasutaka Tsutsui. The director is Satoshi Kon.
You will be surprised how many genres it contains.

As I mentioned already, the score is a very strange. That's funny, but because I do have a time to watch movies lately, my playlist shares not only classical music as almost always. So, somehow I returned to experimenting with the music. I feel ok with that. I really like this aspect of "Paprika". It is composed by
Susumu Hirasawa.

As always in Japanese productions, you don't have to wonder about graphic, it is simply beautiful!

9/10 for me.

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