20 Feb 2011

What is the title for?

Hello again, my dear audience. At this point, I'm not sure if now I'm gonna write much, since I don't know how big pain it will cause me (or maybe not anymore, at all, from the beginning it is completely nothing serious).
Today on my Facebook wall (I actually don't use it very much, not  even for what I should, like writing, sharing and so on, as other people. I just "like" some profiles in order to get interesting news for me and that is my main reason to be signed there) entry by Danny Choo appeared with and information that he (probably himself) has uploaded a first season of "Culture: Japan"...digest edition. Digest Edition? So that odes mean, it is like a one episode about the whole first season (I don't actually know how many episodes there were...)? I'm sad to realize there probably won't be it full with English subs. It is a pity...
Danny Choo
Before that, there was only a pilot. I'm going to watch it as soon as possible, since I still didn't.
I guess it won't be that easy to stop talking about it now...because you want to know what that all is exactly about and who/what is Danny Choo, right?
First of all, you must visit his site. Personally, I do sometimes read/watch(there are many photos) articles and some of them are really curious. If I do remember right, once you enter this site, there are hints as to what you should do as a new visitor. Anyway, please, check it out.
Here are the pilot episode and  Season one: Digest Edition:

Nobuo Uematsu
What else? Ergh... There are so many things else... However, I can't write about everything, right?
Let me tell you about Symphonic Odysseys - Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu, a Symphonic Video Game Music Concert which takes place on 9 June this year in Cologne, Germany. Since 2007 in this this kind of concerts are in progress. Aggregating, there were 3 of them already. SO is gonna be the 4th one. When a couple of months ago I heard that SO will be fulfilled with Uematsu's compositions I felt disappointed. It is not like I'm not anymore, but... His music is really great, if only good arranged. I don't know what they will gonna do though, to be this concert "special". There are SO MANY arranged/orchestrated projects of (well, especially Final Fantasy music and there will be more than that... But we all knows it is the most popular jRPG series, so I assume it will take the most important part in this event as well) his music with released CDs/DVDs, such as, for example Distant Worlds (I really recommend it to check out)... I like it, I like it, however... I wished they could give a chance to someone other, equally good composer, which is unknown and should be more respected.
A photo from "Tour de Japon" concert.
 Beautifully and moving, one of my favorite DVDs.

Why did I mention about it? I'm planning, both with my On-line friend to buy a ticket for it. They were already sold, but few days ago, they announced that there will be an additional concert at 15 p.m. So, after all, there will be 2 of them, one at 15 pm. and later at 20 p.m, ok. So we still have a chance to buy tickets, since they will start selling them on 1st March.
Now, there is a main question... Can I go to Cologne? I think I will know the answer tomorrow. Please, wish me luck!
I would like to write a lot yet, but I simply can't. I don't have a time and my finger hurts as hell.
Maybe later, someday, I will write about Symphonic Fantasies, Symphonic Legends or even Symphonic Shades... Maybe. I let you to looking forward to it.

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