9 Feb 2011

Ghost in the Shell

It appeared to be a masterpiece, something what surprises more than "The Matrix". I heard that Matrix gained inspiration from this movie which director is Mamoru Oshii, one of the most famous from Japan.

I won't say it didn't impress me. This movie is really a serious thing, but I wonder, if I enjoy in this genre at all. As all movies, since some time, I watched also this one with English subs. There were few and more moments when I had to use the translator, because there were much complicated things, hard to understand. However, I don't think it does matter. What I mean is that I wouldn't understand the whole story properly even with Polish subs (or dubbing, fee!).

The action is held in the future, year 2029, when everything is computerized, world have been broken by cybernetics and net. The main plot is to stop "Puppetmaster", highly-wanted hacker who is responsible for politics complications. There is a one question/issue - What a human being really is?

Music is Composed by Kenji Kawai. However funny it sounds, music is also a complicated thing. I will tell you that it amazingly fits to the movie and its climate. Perfectly creates this "creepy" atmosphere. I shouldn't really like it - there is almost nothing symphonic. Almost, because at least at the end we can hear something. And that is simultaneously the best track from the original soundtrack I listened today.  It is called "M10 謡III-Reincarnation". This ost has 11 tracks, most of them, you might say, are similar to each other.

Here is the tracklist:

01M01 謡I-Making of Cyborg4:29
02M02 Ghosthack (本編未使用)5:14
03EXM Puppetmaster4:21
04M04 Virtual Crime2:42
05M05 謡II-Ghost City3:35
06M06 Access3:16
07M07 Nightstalker1:45
08M08 Floating Museum5:05
09M09 Ghostdive5:52
10M10 謡III-Reincarnation5:45
11Bonus Track挿入歌 毎天見一見!3:26
Disc length 45:30

Track 11 is special/bonus, what means that it shouldn't even appear on this CD. I think it really shouldn't... Singed by Fang Ka Wing is completely different that any other compositions in the score. I don't know why Kawai decided to put it there. Chinese pop, that's what it is. Can't judge if I like it... Somehow it is enjoyable and funny though.

Graphic is on the high level. I loved the characters design. You can see perfectly their "not-humanism".

For me 8/10. It is serious and intelligent production. It is a classic I wanted to watch since much time, like "Akira" or, let's say "Mononoke Hime" I watched earlier. Now I understand why it is this "classic" and I can recommend you all to watch it. You must be concentrated watching it though, remember about that!

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