26 Feb 2011

Yukie Nishimura (西村 由紀江) - 101st marriage Proposal (101回目のプロポーズ)

Yesterday I ended watching "101st Marriage Proposal", another Japanese Drama Series I did mention you earlier. The series itself, maybe is not very ambitious and don't lead you to serious thoughts, but is enjoyable as hell. I didn't realize while watching that the music needs to be considered separately.
I could say there are 2 "main themes". "SAY YES", song by Chage & Aska and Chopin's Etude e major (op. 10, no. 3). Several times, both compositions appears in important moments of each episode. Although I'm dissapointed, because we have not been informed (or all in Japan know that, so there is no need to say such an obvious thing..?) that this Etude is Chopin's, our Polish (ahhh, I had to say that) composer, work. Here it mainly is played in arrangement version for orchestra and piano. Fortunately, this arrangement is really great and enjoyable. As well as all 13 tracks on the Original Soundtrack, this one is arranged by Yukie Nishimura. She is a 43 years old pianist, quite popular in Japan. It seems that she also is able to create scores. She really inspired me in "101st Marriage Proposal". It is a bit differential soundtrack, but still, the biggest role plays the piano (probably she performs in all those tracks). I could call it "jazzy-classical" but I'm sure not only that you can hear.
The tracklist contains 13 tracks:

01 - 昼下がりのキャンパス
02 - SAY YES (Instrumental Version)
04 - 昏 昏
05 - 夢を追いかけて~薫のテーマ~(Piano Version)
06 - 風の贈りもの
07 - マリオ・ストーリー
08 - Deja-Vu (New Version)
09 - 更紗のベール(Piano Version)
10 - 「別れの曲」Etude, Op.10,No.3
11 - FLYING BIRD~飛鳥~
12 - 夢を追いかけて~薫のテーマ~
13 - 7月1日のニュース

I must admit, I didn't realize this work to be so good, even yesterday, before I started to listen to it. Probably when I was watching, I was too much concentrate on the story itself and too less in music. I don't think using so many times this beautifully Chopin's "Farewell" etude is a right thing to do, though. I don't want to say someday "I'm fed up with this track". However.. Even though it was used so many times, I did not get bored of it, what means (I think so) it will be special for me forever.
Unfortunately, on this OST there is no vocal (=original) version of "SAY YES" singed by "Chage & Aska" jpop singers. Even though I'm classical music lover, I like it. jpop always remains in my heart as the best pop on the world. As most of songs of this genre, this one is very rhythmical. Words fit to drama and excellently replenish it when it is needed. But let me return to discuss the album.

It begins with jazzy "昼下がりのキャンパス", very climatic, unfortunately it is rather not my style. The Piano and guitar are in the foreground, percussion instruments or bells also appear. Lather is "SAY YES" instrumental version for orchestra. No much need to say, it is nice.
"TATSURO" offer us a sudden change of the climate comparing with previous track, and returns to the style started in the 1st. To be honest with you, I can hardly remember it.
"昏 昏" is replenished with saxophone (I really like saxophone, especially solos) in drums and organs in background.
"夢を追いかけて~薫のテーマ~(Piano Version)" is another, emotional tracks, very slow and polite.
Then again, we returns to jazzy style. Listening "西村由紀江" I feel like I'm o the beach, seriously. "西村由紀江", the next one, reminds me of festival. But don't get me wrong - both of them are fun and it is pleased to listen to them. Then it comes... "Deja-Vu (New Version)". There is a need to say more about this. I couldn't earlier imagine I may find something that epic in a drama OST like that. However, I really mean that. It is epic and its epicness reminds me about RPG titles, especially for SNES. In the second part of it, I even feel like I'm listening to Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack (Yasunori Mitsuda), so if you love him like me, please, try it out. I hope you agree. For me, 08 is definitely the best.
"更紗のベール(Piano Version)" - this time we return to emotional piano.
"「別れの曲」Etude, Op.10,No.3" I gave you my impressions about it already. And I will say it again - very  valuable arrangement. If you like Chopin, try it out.
 I cannot not remember "FLYING BIRD~飛鳥~". It appears only one time in the Drama and the scene when it is played is a one of the most funny. It is like in "Rocky". It shows Tatsuro doing his best to be the winner. It also contains other cocaines behaviors. While that all, this song is played - very dynamical, strong drums and piano, with electric guitar.
"夢を追いかけて~薫のテーマ~" Can you believe there is also... something like choir? Because it is only humming, I don't know if I really can call it a choir, but anyway, it is amazing! Harmonica take a big part i this track too, as well as, of course, piano. Later comes guitar and in the critical moment of this composition, everything is calmly combined. Humming ends the 5 minutes beautifulness. Awesome!
So, sadly, we came to the end in order to hear an  outstanding but shortly piano performance, "7月1日のニュース", a perfect ending for this album.

Maybe this album is not a masterpiece, but I wanted to show you that... We can still find much great music nowadays. Even if music scene is getting worse, it doesn't trouble me, since I'm not into commercial and I'm doing my own discoveries.

24 Feb 2011

Speed Reading - First day "Why is it worth to increase Speed Reading?"

Since I have to write, why not on the Blog?
I finally had to start my Speed Reading course. Ok, I did earlier already, but it didn't work. Why, you ask? Hmm... let me say... After few weeks, I eventually resigned training it. The "program" of this daily Speed Reading was on some part composed by me, so maybe it was not really good to keep doing it. I didn't feel there was any big progress at all (there was slightly better, but nothing more). Obviously, I was doing exercises recommended in the Internet, due to this, Polish site. Since today, I'm gonna be completely serious and start my training with a course, which tells me everyday what I should do. And you know what? Even though I won't have much time, I simply have to find it for that. Why I want to learn such an ability... Well, I'm going to write just in a moment. Every of lessons is actually a .pdf file. After the first one I opened, I read its content and they tell me to write at least 20 benefits, which I will attain thanks to Speed Reading.
Let it begins.

First day "Why is it worth to increase Speed Reading?"

When you mention about reading, first thing I think about is that I definitely should read more than I do. So many books and articles wait for me and often I don't know which ones to pick up. There are so many informations and sources from where you can get them. If I'll be able to read them fast, then why not to check them "all" (sources) or at least, many of them? If it really works, I guess it is gonna be possible (it is of course not like I'm reading slowly, not at all.). I will have more free time for my hobbies and passions. So, generally, I could have more time for this what I really love.
I can get better notes in the school, but, rather I should just say, I can expand my knowledge (about...besides of this what is important, also of this what I simply want, right?). Maybe then, I could have a bigger chance to get on my dreamed studies (what after that... Just don't ask me now). Naturally, if that would be the case, I may be smarter and more intelligent (sounds incredible for me, eh?). Then who knows, maybe I could lead longer and more interesting conversations with others.
By showing my knowledge, other people might see me in a better light, appreciate me. I can't correct others and surprise them.
All of that leads also to money, you must agree. It is very important to have a knowledge in many, different and various fields of science.
Now, maybe it will create a better future to me. You may laugh, however... Why don't try it out?
I don't think I can read 2000 words per minute now. Maybe it won't help me to find happiness, but what if it does? There is only a one problem, though. I wonder... I wonder if I can stop training it after some time.
Well, we will see how it will be.
I don't think I made 20 benefits in my statement. But is it important? I was writing more generally, I don't think there is a need to keep on this "rule".

That's the first lesson for now. I don't think I will write reports about others, but surely I will mention about this "project" yet. I hope I can motivate myself enough to keep doing it.

23 Feb 2011

Busy, busy, busy week. But actually, I've found a little time today to tag few of Mahler's works (Symphony 2 and 3 + some other works which will be performed in Poznań Philharmonic. Bach Suite - Mahler's arrangements of Bach themes? Interesting...). Unfortunately, today Inter lost its match in Champions League with Bayern 0 - 1, San Siro. What I want to say is that... That was just a big unhappiness. They shouldn't lose, maybe they shouldn't win, but definitely draw would be a fair score. I really am sad about that.
I'm going to watch another episode of 101st Marriage Proposal.

20 Feb 2011

What is the title for?

Hello again, my dear audience. At this point, I'm not sure if now I'm gonna write much, since I don't know how big pain it will cause me (or maybe not anymore, at all, from the beginning it is completely nothing serious).
Today on my Facebook wall (I actually don't use it very much, not  even for what I should, like writing, sharing and so on, as other people. I just "like" some profiles in order to get interesting news for me and that is my main reason to be signed there) entry by Danny Choo appeared with and information that he (probably himself) has uploaded a first season of "Culture: Japan"...digest edition. Digest Edition? So that odes mean, it is like a one episode about the whole first season (I don't actually know how many episodes there were...)? I'm sad to realize there probably won't be it full with English subs. It is a pity...
Danny Choo
Before that, there was only a pilot. I'm going to watch it as soon as possible, since I still didn't.
I guess it won't be that easy to stop talking about it now...because you want to know what that all is exactly about and who/what is Danny Choo, right?
First of all, you must visit his site. Personally, I do sometimes read/watch(there are many photos) articles and some of them are really curious. If I do remember right, once you enter this site, there are hints as to what you should do as a new visitor. Anyway, please, check it out.
Here are the pilot episode and  Season one: Digest Edition:

Nobuo Uematsu
What else? Ergh... There are so many things else... However, I can't write about everything, right?
Let me tell you about Symphonic Odysseys - Tribute to Nobuo Uematsu, a Symphonic Video Game Music Concert which takes place on 9 June this year in Cologne, Germany. Since 2007 in this this kind of concerts are in progress. Aggregating, there were 3 of them already. SO is gonna be the 4th one. When a couple of months ago I heard that SO will be fulfilled with Uematsu's compositions I felt disappointed. It is not like I'm not anymore, but... His music is really great, if only good arranged. I don't know what they will gonna do though, to be this concert "special". There are SO MANY arranged/orchestrated projects of (well, especially Final Fantasy music and there will be more than that... But we all knows it is the most popular jRPG series, so I assume it will take the most important part in this event as well) his music with released CDs/DVDs, such as, for example Distant Worlds (I really recommend it to check out)... I like it, I like it, however... I wished they could give a chance to someone other, equally good composer, which is unknown and should be more respected.
A photo from "Tour de Japon" concert.
 Beautifully and moving, one of my favorite DVDs.

Why did I mention about it? I'm planning, both with my On-line friend to buy a ticket for it. They were already sold, but few days ago, they announced that there will be an additional concert at 15 p.m. So, after all, there will be 2 of them, one at 15 pm. and later at 20 p.m, ok. So we still have a chance to buy tickets, since they will start selling them on 1st March.
Now, there is a main question... Can I go to Cologne? I think I will know the answer tomorrow. Please, wish me luck!
I would like to write a lot yet, but I simply can't. I don't have a time and my finger hurts as hell.
Maybe later, someday, I will write about Symphonic Fantasies, Symphonic Legends or even Symphonic Shades... Maybe. I let you to looking forward to it.

14 Feb 2011

The end of Nerdy life

As you maybe guessed, I don't have that much free time anymore. My Winter Holidays ended yesterday/today and now I won't be watching movies that often. Probably writing posts on the Blog would be harder too (and quality of their will be lower). But don't you worry, I'm not putting on my arms that much. My daily routine is that everyday I MUST watch an episode of Drama/anime(rather not...lately) or... just anything to watch.
Before Winter Holidays I started with 101st Marriage Proposal, another enjoyable Japanese Drama. It is thanks to a certain person whose recommendations I always believe. No different is this time. Although this Drama is trying to be both, funny and serious, I, generally, rather find it to be enormously funny. This night I watched 3rd episode of it I can admit that I didn't laugh that much (watching alone at least) since much time. I'm also very happy to see there Eguchi Yosuke. Currently, he probably is my favorite Japanese actor. I know it is really strange to say, but I think he really...really is good (strange as for Japanese actor and their playing). I loved him in "Hitotsu Yane no Shita" and this "love" keep growing. I hope there are more Dramas with him in a main role.
Eguchi Yosuke

About what is that "101st Marriage Proposal"? Hoshino-san (Takeda Tetsuya) is an old, not handsome, not rich, not intelligent and not talented guy, but sincerely and with a pure, gold heart. He wants to get married in order to change his boring and unhappy life. Hishano has gone through 99 omiai (arranged dates with the intention of marriage if the date goes well) and in his 100th try he meets Yabuki Kaoru (Asano Atsuko) and this time, even though she rejected him already, he won't give up that easily. That's very interesting, because she is a cellist playing in an orchestra. So imagine how happy I'm about that. Every time I see orchestras and musicians I get excited. She has a bit complicated life, unfortunately. Her husband passed away just before her wedding and it seems that she still can't forgot him, after 3 years (he was a pianist, mhmhmh...). Don't you think it is a Drama for old geezers or something, that certainly is not the truth. In the main story also appears young people.
Generally... It is a lot of fun. As for now.

13 Feb 2011

Chopin: The Women Behind the Music

Just a while ago I ended watching "Chopin: The Women Behind the Music", a documentary movie directed by 
Rupert Edwards, where the main person discovering an issue is the pianist, James Rhodes.

James Rhodes on the middle, on the right - Natalya Romaniv,
an opera singer, who helps him in connecting Chopin's music
with voice
As the title goes, its topic is about how Women inspired Chopin in composing his music. Shortly I say - he was just in love in Woman('s voice). He had a lot of relationships with Opera's singers (Women, obviously). And that really is true, hearing many of Chopin's compositions today, we must own much them.
I was surprised that his last request, before dying is to hear Woman's voice, not piano or nothing other. Of course I recommend to watch it, if you only feel you need to know more about Chopin.

When again I have an occasion to return to this genial music... I just feel that... I could listen to it my whole life and never get boring of it... Boring, nah... I will never even understand its greatness. Also, I finally realized how great composition is Polonaise-Fantasie in a flat major, op. 61. You really just... Have to use to this composition... Listen it multiply times and finally... Feel that...emotion... I can't describe.... I'm just not able to describe that in words.
Check out the interpretation of Ingolf Wunder, the unofficial winner of 16th F. Chopin piano Competition:

If you are familiar with this piece, you will gonna cry, if not - Well... I can't really say.

11 Feb 2011

Perfect Blue

Too late I realized that "Perfect Blue" is not a movie for me. That reminds me about "Audition". However, in this case, I didn't stop watching. Before I started to watch, somehow, I don't know why, I didn't feel like I can fear anything, even though I saw the "creepy" cover and what genres it includes.
Anyway, "Perfect Blue" is actually a very good production. Somehow that's funny, because again, we have to deal with illusions, dreams, and..of course reality. Like with "Paprika" but definitely different. I found out that it makes sense, because the director of bot films is the same - Satoshi Kon (script is made by a different person though, Murai Sadayuki in this case). Yet this time this is a, I could say "typical" thriller.

Mima is a pop star singing in a group called "CHAM!". After some time, she decide to leave her career as a vocalist in order to become an actress. Many of her fans can't forgive her this decision and one of them is a stalked named "Me-Mania". He follows her and write almost every her step on an internet site called "Mima's Room".
Soon Mima gets involved in a serious role. There is a scene when she is raped. And that changed her life. She becomes scared of everything and she can't distinguish reality and illusion.
In the meantime, there are few murders of persons responsible for Mima's transformation from a pop idol to a an actress and a top model.

I love the graphic. I can't say why, but it creates a great climate. Yes, it reminds me about "GTO". I simply love this style. It is not a modern animation. I think I have to find some anime series stylized like this movie.

Very hard for me is to describe the music. Po songs of "CHAM!" are... Well, I guess attractive for a Jpop fanatics. I think I  can admit that the music is atmospheric, though... I couldn't concentrate on it. I wish to listen to the OST today, but the download of the torrent of it is very slow and couldn't finish even by the whole night...

8/10. Since that is not my favorite kind of movie, I won't give it more. If you like thriller, psychological, horror - then you surely can try.

Btw., look at this dreadful guy. Is he really a human being...?

Ah, I also forgot to mention about the similarity between "Black Swan" I watched recently. No wonder I prefer "Perfect Blue". I just think that this animated movie inspired this new, holiday production. Seriously, they are very similar. Seems that someone also did notice that:

If you are interested, check out this article.
I see that there is also a Japanese live action adaptation. Interesting, but I don't think i will ever try it.

10 Feb 2011


This time I have been watching "Paprika". Nothing changed about, like, the idea of watching animated, Japanese movies. You can ask me why I do that instead of watching live action films or tv series and my answer is...  
I started this Winter vacations with Ghibli masterpieces (rather Miyazaki's) and felt in love with them, so I guess, I just want to keep watching similar productions a bit longer (it is not like they are all "similar", but they are animated and Japanese, as mentioned). Maybe I just need short stories more than "long" series. Then there is a query as to why animated and not live action productions. Well, I guess... They present a more attractive and colorful world to me (even if their story is not joyful).

Anyway, what about "Paprika"? I'm very glad I had an occasion to watch this. Few months earlier, I have already listened to the OST (due to somebody's recommendation) and was only surprised, not pleased. That's a funny score, mixed with pop, classical, techno, electronic... Today I will be listening the soundtrack again, so maybe later I will describe my feelings more. Therefore, I'm falling in love in this music, seriously!

I recommend "Paprika" to you all. First what I need to say, it is an extravagant film. It is all about dream and reality. Sometimes it is a very hard to say if cocaines are in a dream or in the reality. What is a dream for you? A better world? Or a worse world? World of fantasy? Or world of a fake reality? Here you will see how creators of the story see that. There is a certain device called "DC Mini" allows people to see others dreams, exploring their subconscious thoughts. It occurs this thing is a centrum of a problems. I don't want to spoil more facts of the story and characters, since that is not the review. Maybe later. Anyway, I really love the story. It has been written by Yasutaka Tsutsui. The director is Satoshi Kon.
You will be surprised how many genres it contains.

As I mentioned already, the score is a very strange. That's funny, but because I do have a time to watch movies lately, my playlist shares not only classical music as almost always. So, somehow I returned to experimenting with the music. I feel ok with that. I really like this aspect of "Paprika". It is composed by
Susumu Hirasawa.

As always in Japanese productions, you don't have to wonder about graphic, it is simply beautiful!

9/10 for me.

9 Feb 2011

Ghost in the Shell

It appeared to be a masterpiece, something what surprises more than "The Matrix". I heard that Matrix gained inspiration from this movie which director is Mamoru Oshii, one of the most famous from Japan.

I won't say it didn't impress me. This movie is really a serious thing, but I wonder, if I enjoy in this genre at all. As all movies, since some time, I watched also this one with English subs. There were few and more moments when I had to use the translator, because there were much complicated things, hard to understand. However, I don't think it does matter. What I mean is that I wouldn't understand the whole story properly even with Polish subs (or dubbing, fee!).

The action is held in the future, year 2029, when everything is computerized, world have been broken by cybernetics and net. The main plot is to stop "Puppetmaster", highly-wanted hacker who is responsible for politics complications. There is a one question/issue - What a human being really is?

Music is Composed by Kenji Kawai. However funny it sounds, music is also a complicated thing. I will tell you that it amazingly fits to the movie and its climate. Perfectly creates this "creepy" atmosphere. I shouldn't really like it - there is almost nothing symphonic. Almost, because at least at the end we can hear something. And that is simultaneously the best track from the original soundtrack I listened today.  It is called "M10 謡III-Reincarnation". This ost has 11 tracks, most of them, you might say, are similar to each other.

Here is the tracklist:

01M01 謡I-Making of Cyborg4:29
02M02 Ghosthack (本編未使用)5:14
03EXM Puppetmaster4:21
04M04 Virtual Crime2:42
05M05 謡II-Ghost City3:35
06M06 Access3:16
07M07 Nightstalker1:45
08M08 Floating Museum5:05
09M09 Ghostdive5:52
10M10 謡III-Reincarnation5:45
11Bonus Track挿入歌 毎天見一見!3:26
Disc length 45:30

Track 11 is special/bonus, what means that it shouldn't even appear on this CD. I think it really shouldn't... Singed by Fang Ka Wing is completely different that any other compositions in the score. I don't know why Kawai decided to put it there. Chinese pop, that's what it is. Can't judge if I like it... Somehow it is enjoyable and funny though.

Graphic is on the high level. I loved the characters design. You can see perfectly their "not-humanism".

For me 8/10. It is serious and intelligent production. It is a classic I wanted to watch since much time, like "Akira" or, let's say "Mononoke Hime" I watched earlier. Now I understand why it is this "classic" and I can recommend you all to watch it. You must be concentrated watching it though, remember about that!

8 Feb 2011

Yuja on mezzo!

I knew that making cyfra+ in my room is a good idea. For events like that, it was worth to do for "not a lot" of money.
At 8 p.m mezzo shows her recital in Verbier (2010). After that, there is a concert including her and few other artists.
Ironically, I will not have an occasion to watch that all. However, I can record it and do this later, so don't you worry.
You may think I have a luck, although... I wish I could have mezzo live HD...
I also wish to have more time, so that I could watch and meet new artists, their recitals/concerts...

Yuja plays Rachmaninov

Actually I need no much to say, just look at it:

I'm waiting so much for this CD. I can't judge how Yuja plays my favorite piano concerto only hearing few seconds of it, however... I believe it will be awesome. I believe in her. She is really going to be my favorite pianist performer... I love how passionated she is. It is a one of not many artists who I like not only because of the way of playing and performing, but also characterization. Tomorrow/in 2 days (dependence of time zone) is Yuja's birthday. I'm going to send her my wishes, obviously. I don't expect answer, but at least I hope she will read it.
Yuja Wang, Claudia Abbado & Mahler Chamber Orchestra - Rachmaninov

5 centimeters per second

Yesterday (actually today's night) I have been watching 5 centimeters per second and I'm not sure what to think. This movie is really sad and moving (although didn't move me much enough to cry), however... Isn't it a big illogical? Its main issue says about 2 persons who love each other, but can't be together, because of the...distance? Distance? Distance..?

Well, they are a couple since their childhood. Someday they have to live separately, because Touno-kun have to transfer to another city/school. Still, they try to meet someday again, if that is only possible.
What is funny in all that? They write letters. Maybe it is romantic or something, but ONLY letters? And that is certainly 21th century. This surprised me. Why in such times, they do that instead of writing e-mails or phone messages if they want to be close? Don't know.

 The second episode says also about unhappy love, but I don't need to say too much about that. Sumida is in love with Touno-kun. Of course we all knows he loves only one person in the world. She finally realize that it's not possible to be with him.

The animation and music is simply superb. Especially animation. I probably have never seen that beautiful anime before. The music is also great, very melancholic and nostalgic. I have already listened Original Soundtrack by Tenmon. "One more time, one more chance" is composed and singed by Yamazaki Masoyoshi.

I give it 9/10. I just can't believe that there is no possibility that 2 persons which love each other just CAN'T be together. I know there are couples which live even in another countries, but still they see a light for their future together. Akari even got married to another man.

The author of this, let me say, masterpiece is Makoto Shinkai, master of short movies. Before that I have seen only "Egao". You can do that too, its long is just...~2 minutes, yes, that is real, 2 minutes.

7 Feb 2011

Gary Moore is dead

I returned to my home. I had already plan to... Well, to read something, then play in Xenogears, then watch some movie, listen music (probably Hisaishi's), but... When I just entered my house what I hear? The Radio is turned on. Message is short - Gary Moore is dead. I'm sad. I'm extremely sad. Funny, but probably I will return to blues/rock in next few days. On top of that, Garry's compositions are so sentimental... "Empty Rooms" and "Still got the Blues" have a big meaning to me. Maybe I will watch his concert. My father have them on DVD, 2 or 3, I don't remember anymore... He was always far better live than on his studio albums.
I want you moore...

My 3 favorite songs of this electric guitar virtuoso:
Still got the Blues

Parisienne Walkways

Empty Rooms

Anime movies time continues

Yesterday I watched "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" (I don't remember the original title). Very good movie, indeed. But is it worth that great notes like on mal? 8/10 for me. I don't know if "Haruhi fans" like it though, since there is no much Haruhi in it.

6 Feb 2011

Extending knowledge about Japan

I have just started reading "Bezsenność w Tokio" by Marcin Bruczkowski.
After the first chapter, I find this book very attractive. I like this "witty" style more than a formal one.
And even after these 20 pages I read already, I'm surprised. Japanese throws away their "old" (by "old" you must know that I mean not the newest stuff) electronic equipment, when they buy the newer one. In that case, they often leave it behind electronic shops, so they don't have to pay for transport to dump... So, even you would have an occasion to pick, let's say, TV, which actually often is completely alright and working perfectly. Clean and not damaged... Obviously, for Japanese doing that is very embarrassing, so they don't.
Ah, yet I have to mention - I bought this book, it is not .pdf or something. You know how rarely I do that, so I was sure it will be a good one. I have been searching reviews, opinions and so on.

Joe Hisaishi in Budokan


Przed chwilą skończyłem oglądać koncert Joe Hisaishiego w Budokan. Z okazji 25 lecia istnienia studia Ghibli. Nie słyszeliście o Ghibli? Jakby to powiedzieć w skrócie... Tą wytwórnię można scharakterzyować jako Japoński Disney, chociaż używająć określenia "Japoński" musicie zdawać sobie sprawę jak wielkie między nimi dwoma sa różnice. Chodzi po prostu oto, że obie produkują filmy animowane, które niosą ze sobą pewne "przesłania". Jedna uwaga - jeżeli nie chcecie spoilerów, radzę nie zaglądać w link.
Owy "spektakl" obejrzałem już wcześniej, z jakieś, lub raczej około, pół roku temu. Są jednak istotne róznice i jest powód dla którego właśnie dziś, między 4 a 5 lutego zdecydowałem się do niego powróćić. Mianowicie, gdy po raz pierwszy po niego zasięgnąłem, nie znałem kompozycji na nim granych. Niczego oprócz muzyki z "Ponyo". Co teraz wydaje się dość śmieszne, był to jedyny film od Ghibli jaki widziałem. Nie powsttrzymało to jednak moich łez przy oglądaniu/słuchaniu DVD. Oczywiście zainteresowałem się coraz bardziej arcydziełami tego studia, a może raczej Hayao Miyazakiego, gdyż to muzyka z jego filmów była wykonywana na koncercie. Pokochałem Hisaishiego, który jest kompozytorem wszystkich ścieżek dźwiękowych do jego filmów.
Wraz z rozpoczęćie tegorocznych ferii zimowych, obejrzałem wszystkie, obecnie 9 filmów Hayao. Być może później rozwinę, które najbardziej mnie wzruszyły, czy wszystkei mi się podobały, co ogólnie o każdym z nich myślę... Może tak, może nie. Wolałbym pisać po angielsku, więc nie zdziwcie się gdy zobaczycie angielskiego posta. Tak czy inaczej, jak już nietrudno się domyśleć, po obejrzeniu całej reszty, po raz drugi dobrałem się do koncertu. Wierzcie mi, że niewiele razy sięgam 2 razy po tą samą rzecz. Wiecie co? Nic się nie zmieniło, tyle mogę rzec... Mimo tego przygotowania, mimo 720p, lepszego dźwięku, większego spokoju w domu, zostałem tak samo wzruszony jak sprzed wakacji.
Jeżeli bardzo byście chcieli - postaram się zrobić amatorksą recenzję tego...eventu.