15 Mar 2011

Good News! Inter beats Bayern 3-2 in Champions League

Gomez 21'
Müller 31'
Eto'o 4'
Sneijder 63'
Pandev 88'


Aggregate: 3-3 Inter win on away goals

Inter passed to the quarterfinal! I was really angry after the first match at San Siro, because there should at least be draw... But does it matter now? Even though in this match, the first half was completely conducted by Bayern and they had a lot of opportunities to score, Inter finally started to play beautifully and they did it (though I'm sure "experts" on the Polish TV have much different opinions). Eto'o was fantastic... I can't believe what I'm saying, but that definitely is a man of the match. I was very disappointed about Stanković and I think, it was a good decision to let play Coutinho in the next half.

Yet again I must say how grateful I'm to Leonardo. After that what Benitez messed, I guess it wasn't easy to makes this team return to its epic play! What is a curious thing... Just before Pandev scored the 3rd goal, Leonardo entered Nagatomo to play... It seems so strange, like because of this horrible disaster players were more motivated and it helped them to play that generously.

Forza Nerazzurri! 

I'm moved again. I really am.

P.S I wasn't today of my first (theoretical) lesson of driving license. I'm actually going there tomorrow, at 5 p.m.

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