20 Mar 2011

Preparing for the tickets sale of 4th Music Festival in Cracow

I'm not sure if I mentioned to you that I will inform when the program in English and more informations about the festival will be known. If I did... sorry I write about it just now.
First of all, as maybe you remember, tomorrow is the tickets sale (21 March). Here is a problem, because I don't know which pass should I take. 200 zł for A zone or 100 zł for B zone (they are tickets for all concerts)? Unfortunately I don't have much money, so it really is a hard decision to make. Yet I don't have much time to think about that. I have no idea as to how fast the tickets will be sold, but I don't think I should worry that I will not be able to buy it on the exact time (10:00) of its sale. Maintenance for all these 4 days will cost me a lot, not saying about the transport. How much could I manage..?

Anyway, let's return to the festival. Just a few days after my post, they uploaded a trailer. It's just epic, so if you still didn't see, here you can take a look at it:

I will be honest with you. I have been watching it several times. It is so awesomely presented. I felt and still feel moved when I see and listen to Hisaishi's speech.

Here is actually all what you can find about the festival in English.

Well then... I hope I will be lucky to get a good seat on Monday and... Wait 2 months for 19 May. I guess it will be a very long waiting...

Lately, I have been listening to Distant Worlds even more than earlier. It really is an amazing project. All of 3 discs currently released (I don't think there will be next though, especially since the last one has a DVD [which I can't find anywhere]) present brilliant orchestral arrangements of compositions, mainly by Nobuo Uematsu, but also Masashi Hamauzu (speaking of him, I need to listen his soundtracks for new FF games). Besides Arnie Roth and orchestras, there also are stunning soloists, for piano, for guitar, for vocal... I think in days I will write a bit more about Distant Worlds, a separate post.

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