14 Apr 2011

Inter - what is happening?

I won't avoid mentioning Nerrazzuri anymore. I really am disappointed after what had happened today as well as week before. If someone doesn't know it - F.C. Internazionale Milano (Inter Mediolan/Milan) lost 1-2 today with Schalke 04 in a leg match in the Champions League. What else I need to say? It is not like I suspected Inter to win 4-0, but somehow I believed it could be possible. I don't think I should accuse lads. Today the played really a balanced match. The final score is not fair in my opinion, but... who really cares about one more or one more less goal in this statement. Assuming 2 matches, it ended with 7-3 for Schalke. It is like a defeat with AC Milan prophesied the bad turnover of cases... After the victory with Bayern and "happy" randomization when it appeared Inter plays with Schalke 04, nobody assumed it will "end" like that. Ok, not an end at all. There is still a chance to get Scudetto (6 fixtures and only 5 points to Milan - when now Nerazzurri don't need to concetrate on CL any longer... I hope they are able to keep winning) and won an Italian League Cup.
Highlights (I'm sorry it's Polish, but seems that only one available now, however strange it is):

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