8 Feb 2011

5 centimeters per second

Yesterday (actually today's night) I have been watching 5 centimeters per second and I'm not sure what to think. This movie is really sad and moving (although didn't move me much enough to cry), however... Isn't it a big illogical? Its main issue says about 2 persons who love each other, but can't be together, because of the...distance? Distance? Distance..?

Well, they are a couple since their childhood. Someday they have to live separately, because Touno-kun have to transfer to another city/school. Still, they try to meet someday again, if that is only possible.
What is funny in all that? They write letters. Maybe it is romantic or something, but ONLY letters? And that is certainly 21th century. This surprised me. Why in such times, they do that instead of writing e-mails or phone messages if they want to be close? Don't know.

 The second episode says also about unhappy love, but I don't need to say too much about that. Sumida is in love with Touno-kun. Of course we all knows he loves only one person in the world. She finally realize that it's not possible to be with him.

The animation and music is simply superb. Especially animation. I probably have never seen that beautiful anime before. The music is also great, very melancholic and nostalgic. I have already listened Original Soundtrack by Tenmon. "One more time, one more chance" is composed and singed by Yamazaki Masoyoshi.

I give it 9/10. I just can't believe that there is no possibility that 2 persons which love each other just CAN'T be together. I know there are couples which live even in another countries, but still they see a light for their future together. Akari even got married to another man.

The author of this, let me say, masterpiece is Makoto Shinkai, master of short movies. Before that I have seen only "Egao". You can do that too, its long is just...~2 minutes, yes, that is real, 2 minutes.

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