7 Feb 2011

Gary Moore is dead

I returned to my home. I had already plan to... Well, to read something, then play in Xenogears, then watch some movie, listen music (probably Hisaishi's), but... When I just entered my house what I hear? The Radio is turned on. Message is short - Gary Moore is dead. I'm sad. I'm extremely sad. Funny, but probably I will return to blues/rock in next few days. On top of that, Garry's compositions are so sentimental... "Empty Rooms" and "Still got the Blues" have a big meaning to me. Maybe I will watch his concert. My father have them on DVD, 2 or 3, I don't remember anymore... He was always far better live than on his studio albums.
I want you moore...

My 3 favorite songs of this electric guitar virtuoso:
Still got the Blues

Parisienne Walkways

Empty Rooms

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