6 Feb 2011

Extending knowledge about Japan

I have just started reading "Bezsenność w Tokio" by Marcin Bruczkowski.
After the first chapter, I find this book very attractive. I like this "witty" style more than a formal one.
And even after these 20 pages I read already, I'm surprised. Japanese throws away their "old" (by "old" you must know that I mean not the newest stuff) electronic equipment, when they buy the newer one. In that case, they often leave it behind electronic shops, so they don't have to pay for transport to dump... So, even you would have an occasion to pick, let's say, TV, which actually often is completely alright and working perfectly. Clean and not damaged... Obviously, for Japanese doing that is very embarrassing, so they don't.
Ah, yet I have to mention - I bought this book, it is not .pdf or something. You know how rarely I do that, so I was sure it will be a good one. I have been searching reviews, opinions and so on.

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