11 Feb 2011

Perfect Blue

Too late I realized that "Perfect Blue" is not a movie for me. That reminds me about "Audition". However, in this case, I didn't stop watching. Before I started to watch, somehow, I don't know why, I didn't feel like I can fear anything, even though I saw the "creepy" cover and what genres it includes.
Anyway, "Perfect Blue" is actually a very good production. Somehow that's funny, because again, we have to deal with illusions, dreams, and..of course reality. Like with "Paprika" but definitely different. I found out that it makes sense, because the director of bot films is the same - Satoshi Kon (script is made by a different person though, Murai Sadayuki in this case). Yet this time this is a, I could say "typical" thriller.

Mima is a pop star singing in a group called "CHAM!". After some time, she decide to leave her career as a vocalist in order to become an actress. Many of her fans can't forgive her this decision and one of them is a stalked named "Me-Mania". He follows her and write almost every her step on an internet site called "Mima's Room".
Soon Mima gets involved in a serious role. There is a scene when she is raped. And that changed her life. She becomes scared of everything and she can't distinguish reality and illusion.
In the meantime, there are few murders of persons responsible for Mima's transformation from a pop idol to a an actress and a top model.

I love the graphic. I can't say why, but it creates a great climate. Yes, it reminds me about "GTO". I simply love this style. It is not a modern animation. I think I have to find some anime series stylized like this movie.

Very hard for me is to describe the music. Po songs of "CHAM!" are... Well, I guess attractive for a Jpop fanatics. I think I  can admit that the music is atmospheric, though... I couldn't concentrate on it. I wish to listen to the OST today, but the download of the torrent of it is very slow and couldn't finish even by the whole night...

8/10. Since that is not my favorite kind of movie, I won't give it more. If you like thriller, psychological, horror - then you surely can try.

Btw., look at this dreadful guy. Is he really a human being...?

Ah, I also forgot to mention about the similarity between "Black Swan" I watched recently. No wonder I prefer "Perfect Blue". I just think that this animated movie inspired this new, holiday production. Seriously, they are very similar. Seems that someone also did notice that:

If you are interested, check out this article.
I see that there is also a Japanese live action adaptation. Interesting, but I don't think i will ever try it.

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