4 Mar 2011

Joe Hisaishi in..........Poland. Poland...?!

Joe Hisaishi
I lack words and I don't know what to do just now. I can't study, I can't logically think, I just can't do nothing at all and that is for 2 hours.
Now I simply have to write. This orgasmic title... It is all truly. Joe seriously will be in Poland, more correctly - Cracow. If that is not a one of the most exciting news for me ever, then at least one of the most.
Lately, he became to be my favorite composer of contemporary classical music. His scores for GHIBLI movies are indescribable great. I can't say it in words and that is rather not because I'm not good enough in English and I don't know equally words - that is just impossible to express like that.
I couldn't really say ALL of his works are an act of pure greatness, but at least all what I listened by him is worth to know. Did I mention that is his FIRST time performing in EUROPE? Can you believe that? I can't.

Unfortunately, currently there is no news about the program of this concert in English - only in Polish. Anyway, check it out if you understand our language, here.
I will shortly say what is going on, just now:
This year we celebrate the 4th year of Film Music Festival in Cracow. Even one year ago I was much angry, because there was the music from "Lord of the Ring" (Howard Shore himself as a conductor) and I couldn't go. This time I can't miss the occasion. I will buy tickets, no matter how much expensive they are.
You wanna know the program, ech? As I said, I will tell you shortly, only shortly... I don't need to write much about it since there surely will be a news in English on the website of this festival.

First day, we will be listening to Joe Hisaishi (I would prefer him at the end, but nah, is that really so important?) and few of his works for Miyazaki's masterpieces - it includes Princess Mononoke (..............), Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, Nausicaa of the valley of Wind. Besides there will be a suite of music of Takeshi Kitano movies, like Hana-bi, Kid Returns or Summer.

There it goes, another funny part of my post - in the next day a music from Distant Worlds I'm listening recently... Is that all a stupid joke or what? Is that? Somebody conspired that? Hisaishi and Hamauzu in Cracow? If you told me that without giving the source of information it is the true - I really wouldn't believe.
Arnie Roth as a conductor, obviously. That is a pity I won't see Uematsu-san, but I think I will have an opportunity later and you know how, right?

Masashi Hamauzu
Arnie (Arnold) Roth

The main hero of "Wiedźmin"
On the same day  they will also perform Wiedźmin 2 compositions. It a second part of Polish game series (widely appreciated). The composers names are Adam Skorupa and Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz.
Of course it is an adaptation - originally Wiedźmin books are written by Andrzej Sapkowski, which I still didn't read.

3rd day - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl by Klaus Badelt. I'm really positive about that too.
The last one - Music from "Czas Honoru" will be played on 4th day. That title... I'm not familiar with it at all. Seems to be a Polish TV series about World War II. Surprisingly it also seems to be a good one, just take a look at imdb. The composer? Bartosz Chajdecki.

If you wanna buy the tickets - they will be on sale on 21st March. You can book them at eventim.
The festival will take place between 19-22 May. 

Does dreams become reality? Will I be able to be on this event? I can't say for sure I will - Of course I'm gonna buy tickets, I'm gonna go there and spend probably all these 4 days. However, knowing my life I can expect everything. Never be sure, that is my rule.
I may go there and die of excitement.
It is simply impossible. Lately I've been listening to Hisaishi more and more, more and more and more and more... I have been watching his concerts, I had a conversations with someones about him and that what happened just simply...happened. Funny, isn't it? It looks like he hears me and my supplication. I could believe God helped me if I wouldn't be an agnostic.
I'm off. I have an English exam tomorrow.

P.S In the meantime, I will probably re-watch and review "Joe Hisaishi in Budokan" concert as I promised you. This information above is an enormous motivation to do that, isn't it?


  1. Po co to rozgłaszasz w internecie, to koncert dla Polaków, a nie tłustych Amerykanów czy Brytyczyków, którzy akurat będą w Krakowie.

  2. I don't intend to do that, I write for myself.
    I noticed that, surprisingly, there is no big interest about that among people outside Poland.
    But it also may be the true they simply don't know about it...
    Well... How big possibility of it to happen is there? Just few people everyday visits my blog and I don't think any of them could be accidentally in Cracow.

  3. Jeżeli nie było zamierzone to przepraszam :D.

  4. That's alright, you don't have to ;).

  5. It was really amazing..:)

  6. In this post I didn't write about the concert, since it wasn't already performed back there, but yes, you are right... Although... I have a few remarks, unfortunately. I will write about the whole festival ;).