11 Mar 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Japan suffers. It is hard and even not possible not to mention about what happened and still is happening in our lovely country of cherry blossoms.
After a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake they have to survive Tsunami, which high is ~10 meters.
Hopefully nobody (I guess) dear to me died or vanished. Any friend from Japan and any of famous Japanese people I know. Mitsuda, Hisaishi, Miyamoto and so on... They are alright. Surely, there are many other fantastic persons... I hope they are fine too.
What wonders me, that is not the end. How many dies could there be at last? I do believe there is possibility of around 100.000. Besides deaths of population, (what is the most important thing to mention) there are enormous number of material damages. Lately Japanese economy is falling down, so I wonder how it will be now.
I'm much scared about the case with nuclear factories.

If you want to know more in every next minute, I recommend you to follow the website of BBC or their channel on TV.

I guess I can't fully enjoy in Yuja's Rachmaninov CD. Though I can claim it is amazingly performed (I'm just done with it, first time), Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini as well as 2nd concerto, for now I won't tell you more.

In the meantime, father of my uncle died, also today. He was 90. I've seen him only few times in my life.
Rest in Peace to you and all Japans. My condolences. What a cursed day...

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