7 Mar 2011

"Mouse on the Keys" in Blue Note

Yesterday (Sunday) was my first time in "Blute Note" a curious Jazz Club located in Poznań. What makes things easy, it's downtown, nearly to practically everything what interests me (like philharmonic). About its renown kept me want to go there for a much time, however, just day before today I eventually managed to attend on the concert. I'm pretty sure that many bands or artists performing there (all of them?) are worth to know. Even Porcupine Tree had a concert there, one of my favorite progressive rock bands (old time...ah). Since I get mostly into Classical music and Jazz is my second genre, I get an interest in "Mouse on the Keys". Will my decision to going to see them was strengthen the fact they are Japanese, you ask? Yes, probably, I guess so.
You must be aware that only if I could be able (time, MONEY) - I could see there much more times.

Mouse on the Keys
The concert itself began after an hour of waiting. It should start at 7 p.m, instead we had to wait for 8 p.m (I guess so, I'm not exactly sure). It didn't cause me any problem at all, because I had a very nice company.

Well, anyway, Mouses finally arrived and started their show.  They also set a projector from which pictures and animations were appearing, in the rhythm of the music (at least, that is what I think so). I liked it. Really awesome staging, it created a great atmosphere. I'm not sure with which track they started, but I easy recognized the second one, it is "Saigo no bansan" ("最後の晩餐") which I could not not remember. This calmly, emotional piano at the beginning...yet forte, allegro after few seconds. This song is played on their website and I must admit that is a one of their best.
I can't really tell you how was the whole program of this concert, but I'm sure they played all of their tracks since there are only 13 compositions (Ep - 4, Album - 9).
Do I have my favorite track? Probably I prefer some of them more than other, but I can't choose a favorite one, even though I've been listening CDs for 5 times already (+ the concert yesterday, of course). Actually all have something outstanding to present. I like insertions with saxophone, but hell piano or keyboard is not worse. Generally, drums take the most important part, but I guess it is just logical.
After all of tracks (what took them ~1 hour! With a pause after ~30 minutes. This pause was incredibly long, 30 minutes, like a half of this concert...) they presented (definitely facetiously) as the encore their new, alleged composition they just created and called "Kochamy Was" ("We love you", yes guys, that is Polish). It was rather extraordinary, I think a one of the member was growling... well... Anyhow, it was very nice from them to do that. That was not the end at all. After another applause, the second time they were...partly serious. It was like a mix of few of their compositions, very well played, honestly. To make an epic end, they started to...rave. Jumping on the scene, one of the member on his keyboard, another one on drums... Are Japanese really that crazy or it i typical among the scene of music/clubs like that?
While the concert, they also commented. Not only "Thank you" and Polish words they were trying to say, but 2 players recommended their albums to buy. It was much funny, because, as expect from Japanese, their English was hilarious.
Mouse on the Keys is generally a trio, however, this time there was 2 more artists. I can't really say why since I simply don't remember.
To summarize, only shortly I will say - An awesome concert. That means I will definitely return to Blue Note some day.
Mouse on the Keys seriously interested me and I hope they will announce a new album soon (while I still will be listening to them). Lately I've listening jazz and that is probably I decided to participate in this concert.

What about the club? I like its atmosphere. I don't think there are much places to sit, but man people had standing tickets. It is like in Philharmonic, but here are less people. Much less... It is more chamber.
Although I'm not very positive about this American title, nah.
I also notice a big difference between being at the concert and listening studio album between classical concert and this one, in Blue Note. What matters is probably the sound. In philharmonic they don't use amplifiers (hopefully logical), here the music was powerful and ears-hurting.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos, so I won't show you how it all looks... Sorry...I will manage to do it next time. As well as I didn't do with the band.

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