20 Oct 2012

Glory to Takeshi Kitano

Just a little reflection after watching the last (though "Outrage 2" is coming soon) movie by Beat Takeshi, still the greatest contemporary Japanese director in my opinion.

Unfortunately, I haven't been watching the movies chronologically and thus, the "watched yesterday" movie is "Kantoku Banzai" instead of "Outrage". Accidentally that was the best way to "pause" my journey with Kitano's movies what is obviously related to the story of this really amusing film.
Takeshi Kitano, a director, actor, painter, stepping dancer and so and so on... (it's easier to find something he cannot do)...plays himself, or so I interpret it.
It's a film about creating a new story for a movie, or rather attempting to write a new story. So we actually see many plots, whereas most of them are really short ones - Throughout the movie Beat Takeshi thinks about all kinds of story-lines he might produce - comedy, horror, yakuza, drama...
All I can it is a fantastic comedy and I have been laughing really loudly.

The upcoming Takeshi's movie is Outrage 2, what doesn't really make me feel excited - Outrage was quite an ok movie, but nothing special. I expect the second part to be of similar kind. While I keep waiting for that one, I also hope Kitano-san will give as something else in the future - again, something outstanding, what I could entitle as one of the best movie I have ever seen (like it was with "Dolls" for example). He is not young anymore, but as for director, it is still fair enough.

I would like to end my short speech with a link to one of the best yt (which is not on yt anymore, ekhm) clip ever. Hope you have not seen it before. Kitano Takeshi banzai!

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